Services for the Clubs

The Sports clubs, in a globalized market and constantly changing, face the challenge of an increasingly complex reality that requires more skills and more professionals are increasingly better able to anticipate and understand the trends and dynamics by providing effective responses, protecting its customers and leaving them only the sports management.
Our team with a strong presence at the international level is able to provide full assistance to clubs in the areas of marketing, communication, technical area and legal area ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and competence.
The offer dedicated to professional sports clubs, both in Italy and abroad is divided into the following areas:

Marketing Area

  1. Planning And Development Plan BUSINESS customized;
  2. Planning Strategic and tactical Marketing Plan;
  3. development And commercial exploitation of BRAND: brand awareness and brand image;
  4. Studio, Design and implementation of merchandising activities;
  5. Investigation, Drafting and management of sponsorship agreements, advertising contracts and contracts picture;
  6. Design And implementation of events, Events, Conferences in Italy and abroad;
  7. Strategies Business: B2B, B2C, Marketing territorial.

Communication Area

  1. Creation And management of a Press Office;
  2. Strutturazione And management of a profitable relationship with the media (newspapers, tv, media) local and national;
  3. Communication Company for the exploitation of corporate sponsors or partners;
  4. Communication Web and social;
  5. Communication For the enhancement of the brand, the sponsor of the athlete and society;
  6. Website Web, Web TV, netcasting;
  7. Organisation, Management and supply of advertising contracts.

Technical Area

  1. Scouting Reporting and depth of players / teams in Italy and abroad;
  2. Organization Of friendly matches and international tours;
  3. Organisation, Management and supply contracts with technical sponsors.

Legal Area

  1. Assistance And advice in the execution of contracts to transfer and renewal of professional players;
  2. Mandate Representative for a country, region or specific team for the negotiation of professional football players;
  3. Consulting Legal relating to each area.

In addition, we take care of actively seeking commercial partners and managing relationships with the football associations around the world.

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