Services for Companies

The reasons for companies to invest in sport are to be found primarily in the possibility of access to a exclusive platform: the one sporting event, characterized by a significant emotional burden, much sought after by any sponsors who wants to join their own name / brand to something engaging on an emotional level, to addictive and unforgettable experience for an audience that potential customers you want to make actual customer.

Studio assist & Partners, able to operate with the most important international club, ensures the achievement of the following objectives promotional:

  • Possibility of use of the logo / brand;
  • The right to exclusivity on a product / service or a category of products / services;
  • Titration of the event;
  • Right to being official mark of an event / event or a product;
  • The right to sell its product in the place of the event;
  • Opportunity to conduct promotional activities.

There are also important opportunities to get good coverage on the most important media of reference, to defend and increase its market position. Finally, the opportunity to have great visibility and important information and reactions from the audience. There are some features that sponsors are looking for in sports that combine various sponsorship activities, in order to gain an advantage over their competitors and which are identified in the following points:

  • A sport with a significant following in Europe and strong growth in the Anglo-Saxon countries;
  • Sports organizations sensitive to the needs and demands of those who sponsor;
  • Attractive returns on its investments in communication;
  • Identification with a particular market segment;
  • One way to direct fans to the company;
  • Continued cooperation between the Club and the company sponsor.
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